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Fundraiser for Stabenow & DACA

Senator Stabenow spoke to an overflow crowd at the Otwell home on Saturday, Jan 27, including Mayor Carruthers, State House candidate Dan O'Neil and Congressional candidate Matt Morgan. The event was a great success with fellow Dems expressing both solidarity and concerns about the future of our country. Outside, a crowd of fellow progressives respectfully held signs expressing their concerns about the recent vote on a continuing resolution without a deal for the 800,000 dreamers fearing deportation as a result of the Administration's actions to discontinue DACA. When she arrived, Senator Stabenow greeted and spoke with the demonstrators about their concerns. In her remarks, Senator Stabenow

The Women's March - A Note to the Record Eagle

As a proud participant in the Women’s March on Saturday, I was energized by my fellow marchers. Gathering and marching is appropriate, peaceful and forceful. The fact that this was the second year in a row when this number of people marched in Traverse City was the story. The fact that our march was one of over 100 in the country was the story. The fact that the police were well prepared (and are sincerely appreciated) was not the story. The fact that some of us then went to Piper’s memorial was not the story (although Piper was awesome). The fact that some of us patronized local restaurants following the march was not the story. The fact that 3000 of your fellow citizen cared enough t

Why We March

As I review the coverage of the 2018 Women’s March across our country, the world, and here in Traverse City, Michigan, I was struck by the consistency of the messages I saw raised on posters marchers carried that spoke to the outrage and anger at the policies of the present administration that have consistently attacked women’s right to contraception, equal pay for equal work, control over our bodies, violence directed at women, the right to vote, and especially the sexism, misogyny, and bigotry supported covertly and overtly by the people in power at this moment in our nation’s history. What we are seeing today is a deliberate political strategy being employed by the powers that be, predomi

Traverse City Women's March- Exhilarating!

Mother Nature must have agreed with the motivation behind the Second Annual Women’s March in Traverse City on Saturday, January 20th, because she provided a beautiful day filled with sunshine. That sunshine reflected off the smiling faces of approximately 4500 participants – an estimate equal to one third the population of this enthusiastic town. Though the Traverse City Record Eagle, could not cover the story with the same emphasis given to it by the local citizens, the march was included in the New York Times’ video showing national coverage. It was crowded. It was an amazing spectrum of men, woman, young, old, black, white, LGBTQ. There were babies in strollers, toddlers on their parents’

Why Doesn't the GOP Care?

Why Doesn’t the GOP Care? It is common knowledge that for years in many countries Russian operatives have infiltrated and manipulated government activities. Corruption and control seem to be the motive. It has been accepted by almost everyone that there was Russian influence in our last election – and that similar interference is still going on. I have no difficulty understanding why everyone affiliated with the Trump organization and administration would not be concerned; or why they probably don’t want this interference investigated. But what I don’t understand is why members of the Republican Party don’t seem to care that a foreign adversary is trying to manipulate our democratic processe

Join Us On the Women’s March, January 20

There is so much that we hear every day about Trump and his antics that it becomes numbing. But the most disturbing thing to me is the big picture; the relentless march of transgressions, trampling over the norms of behavior that underpin the functioning of our government and our society. The complete disregard for standards regarding conflicts of interest, the blatant attempts to intimidate the press, the ludicrously inappropriate and inflammatory rhetoric toward a tinpot dictator who now happens to hold the keys to ICBMs and nuclear force, the bald-faced attempts to intimidate witnesses and to shut down the Mueller investigation; I am disgusted beyond belief that the President of the Unite

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