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Change is not spelled D-E-S-T-R-O-Y!

Coming up to the 2016 election there were few people in our country who would not agree that there were some very important changes that needed to happen. The word change usually brings with it the understanding that the motive behind it is to facilitate an improvement. Sadly, all I have seen since January 2017 is evidence of destruction, both literally and figuratively. Despite the increase of natural disasters, our Environmental Protection Agency is being stripped of its resources; protections for our precious Great Lakes are being dismantled; not to mention how hatred and divisions in our population have been exaggerated to a level not seen since the Civil War. Is this really what the vot

Blue Tiger: Recent Good Works

For several years, individual members of the GT Dems have supported the Blue Tiger Project, which provides food, goods and money to the school’s food pantry. The pantry provides much needed nourishment to students who need extra help. Democrats Marge Forgione , Joel Casler, Donna Miller and Gretchen Iorio attended the event, this year and last. On Thursday, January 25, Traverse City High School hosted an “appreciation event” to thank community members and organizations for their donations to the high school. The evening featured a delicious pasta and salad bar, followed by an art show created by TC High School students. Entertainment was provided by the Traverse City High School Choir. Gu

Building Blocks of our Republic

The Constitution’s Bill of Rights is a fundamental building block of our republic. I support those rights. But every right has a corresponding limitation.. Rights, such as the freedoms of religion, of free speech, of the press, and to assemble all reflect considerations of both the individual’s right and the public good. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but tax exempt religious organizations cannot endorse political candidates or talk about politics from the pulpit. Religious accommodations are granted to the extent they do not harm others. For example, a Seventh Day Adventist, fired for refusing to work on Saturdays, was compensated, but employers are not required to permit ind

Nationwide Marches for Gun

The following is from John DeSpelder's Facebook Post linking to a USA Today Story about nationwide marches by students. You can go to the FB post here. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are planning a nationwide day of marches, in DC and across the nation, on 3/24/18. There are other marches and gatherings planned by other groups, on different dates, but both my head and my gut tell me that this group of students, and the march on 3/24/18 deserves and needs our wholehearted support and focus. The future can be different. Picture form USA Today Too soon to talk about guns? Here's a time, school shooting survivors say: March 24 The group says it was inspired, created and le

Dan O’Neil - It Won’t be Business as Usual

Dan O’Neil, well known to the Grand Traverse community, introduced himself in a different vein Thursday morning, February 15. Surrounded by many local officials, and under the shadow of the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Dan offered his reasons for why we should be optimistic about our ability to bring about the necessary changes in our community. “Politics of the last year has ignited something!” he said. And that was obvious by the enthusiasm of the crowd that gathered at Horizon Books in Traverse City to hear him speak. “I believe we can do better.” He touched on his concerns over the difficulty for people to obtain their necessary health care – especially t

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