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Grand Traverse County Democrats Candidate page 

Grand Traverse County BOC:

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For more info or help finding your district.  Click below for the state info site.

What does the BOC do and why do I care?

  • The BOC sets the county budget it spends your tax dollars.

  • Care about roads? The BOC appoints the road commission.

  • Care about public transit?  The BOC appoints members to the BATA board.

  • Care for citizens in need? The BOC appoints members to the Pavillions and Dept of Health and Human Services boards.

  • More good bullets here

YOUR BOC Vote is critical

Last election two districts were won by less than 135 votes each!

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Linda Maginity
GT County Commission, District 1  Green Lake, Blair 1&4

I was born & raised in the suburbs of Detroit. Married in 1978, moved north in 1980 to a

family home in Thompsonville. We moved to Frankfort where we were when our son was born in 1982. Bought my current home in Traverse City (Chum's Corners) in 1984 and divorced in 1987. As a single mom I was on public assistance as I began college at NMC full-time on the Pell Grant and worked part-time. My major was Business Administration - accounting emphasis. Eager to get off public assistance I began full-time work at Meijer while I was pursuing my dream of having my own business. I worked various retail and food service jobs until in 1992 I did start my bookkeeping business. For the past 30+ years I've been helping other to achieve their business goals.

I never thought of myself as a political activist but have never been shy about speaking up for the right thing to do. I opposed the location of the adult book store, the location of the full nude strip club and most recently the location of a tire & tow yard, all in Blair Township.  When the 2016 presidential election ordered a recount and major Dem districts failed to be recounted because of clerical errors, I wondered how that was possible and looked into election workers. I've been an election worker on the receiving board since 2018. When I saw a young woman from Grand Rapids starting "Voters Not Politicians" I was eager to learn and teach voters about gerrymandering. Proud to say we were able to accomplish that goal. Michigan being a swing state we needed fair voting districts and the non-partisan commission to determine the districts, not politicians! Now I'm looking forward to putting my years of experience helping others to grow their businesses to work on the Board of Commissioners in Grand Traverse County.

lauren flynn.jpg

Lauren Flynn
GT County Commission, District 2 Garfield 4,6,7 & TC 7

I am excited to run once again for Grand Traverse County Commission to serve the voters of District 2 and beyond.  


In my first year of serving, I have listened, learned, and worked on finding solutions to issues facing our county.  I have worked on building relationships to help create strong leadership, transparent governance, and positive forward vision.  I look forward to continuing to apply myself to collaborating with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to evaluate and resolve issues Grand Traverse County and our constituents are addressing each day.  Thank you for your continued support.





ashlea walter.jpg

Ashlea Walter
GT County Commission, District 3 Garfield 2 & TC 1,7,10

I'm excited to announce that I am running for re-election to the Grand Traverse County Commission - District 3.


I am running again for Grand Traverse County Commission to better represent our community’s Democratic values at the County level and help provide the thoughtful and collaborative leadership we need to tackle our urgent community challenges like affordable housing, childcare, mental health, and climate. I’m stepping up again to continue bringing people together to work on real issues that improve the quality of life for all people in Grand Traverse County.


Thank you for your continued trust and support. I couldn't do this important community work without your strident support. 

Learn more about Ashlea:

Donate to Ashlea here:


instagram: @ashforgt

Friends of Ashlea Walter

605 Fifth Street

Traverse City, MI 49684

fern spence.jpg

Fern Spence
GT County Commission, District 4 Garfield 1,3,5 Blair 3

Fern Spence: A Dedicated Community Advocate
Fern Spence has been an active and dedicated member of the community for over 20 years, championing various causes and initiatives to foster positive change. As a parent of two grown children and wife of a local physician, she understands the importance of creating a safe and prosperous environment for families to thrive. Her involvement in many community projects and organizations reflects her commitment to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Fern's passion for community engagement and her experience as a parent and wife has equipped her with a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of local families. Her genuine interest in making a difference and improving the community has earned her the trust and support of many.


Donate to Fern Spence HERE


Committee to Reelect Fern Spence, available soon

Website available soon

Trenton lee.jpeg

Trenton Lee
GT County Commission, District 5 Acme 1 EB 1,4,6

Trenton, born and raised in Traverse City, brings a unique blend of local roots and diverse experiences to his community. He was raised in a working-class family which instilled in him strong values of love, compassion, and dedication. This enabled him to pursue his passion for social justice and education at the University of Michigan, earning a BA in Sociology and Women’s Studies, and later at the University of Westminster in London, England, where he earned a master's degree in critical media theory and worked as a lecturer at the College of Design, Creative, and Digital Industries.



Returning home, Trenton witnessed the impact of the pandemic and political division on mental health, especially for young people, during his time as a teacher at Interlochen Arts Academy. This firsthand experience, and a pandemic-induced career reroute, led Trenton to his current role at North Country Community Mental Health, where he works towards improved and inclusive mental health services. Now, as a candidate for GT County Commissioner, Trenton is committed to uniting the community and finding innovative solutions to local challenges. With his background in education, activism, and dedication to his hometown, he aims to lead with transparency, empathy, and collaboration.

Learn more about Trenton Lee HERE



Donate to Trenton Lee HERE

Trenton Lee for Grand Traverse County Commissioner

821 Indian Trail Blvd, Traverse City, MI 49686

jan wyant.JPG

GT County Commission, District 6
Acme 2, Whitewater, Union, Fife Lake,  EB 2,3

Jan's childhood was shaped by the joys and challenges of growing up in a large family on a farm. She learned to value hard work, teamwork, and responsibility as she helped with the chores, the catering business, and any other family responsibility. Jan pursued various jobs outside the farm, such as retail, fast food, and nursing, until she decided to focus on her own family and education. She became a stay-at-home mom and a homeschool teacher for her three children, while also supporting her husband's technology venture. Jan still works at the company they founded together in Traverse City, but now that her children are grown and the business is well-established, she is eager to contribute more to her community.


Instagram: janwyantforcountycommission

Donate to Jan Wyant's campaign:


TJ Andrews
GT County Commission, District 7 Peninsula & TC 8,9

I'm is running for re-election to the represent District 7 on the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. District 7 includes the Old Mission Peninsula and the northeastern part of Traverse City, including the neighborhoods around the academic campuses (Eastern Elementary, Central High School (go, Trojans!), and NMC), surrounding the Civic Center, Bryant Park, Jupiter Park, and F&M Park. 


After serving most of a term already, I understand the depth of opportunity to improve how the county provides services to our community. We have an obligation to address the critical needs in our community, which include housing and related homelessness, childcare to support working families, protecting water quality, reducing our fossil footprints individually and collectively, and ensuring resilience in a changing climate. I have demonstrated reasonableness, pragmatism, and bipartisan effectiveness, and I will continue to bring curiosity to the commission. Thank you for your support and sharing our vision for a more responsive and effective county commission.


Learn more about TJ Andrews

Donate to TJ Andrews

Committee to Elect T. J. Andrews
P.O. Box 6322 Traverse City MI 49696

Social Media Links available soon


Lance Boehmer
GT County Commission, District 9 Long Lake

Lance Boehmer's journey began in rural Michigan, where he was raised by two devoted public school educators. His pursuit of higher education took him to Lake State, where he studied Law Enforcement and Communication, laying a foundation for a career characterized by service and community engagement.

After college, Lance's commitment to public service led him to Indianapolis, where he worked with IndyGo (Indianapolis Public Transit). In this role, he was instrumental in bridging community feedback with actionable planning, culminating in the launch of a new bus rapid transit line. This initiative enhanced public transportation options and connected thousands more residents to affordable transit solutions, enriching local communities and supporting employers.

Lance's dedication to progress and community welfare followed him to Denver, where, at Starry Internet, he negotiated a pivotal public-private partnership with the Denver Housing Authority. This collaboration brought affordable high-speed internet to over 30,000 households, a lifeline during the pandemic that ensured continued education for countless students.

Transitioning to the automotive industry, Lance led digital advertising for Subaru of America, before the allure of remote work facilitated his return to Michigan with his spouse and two rescue pitties. Today, as a manager at an automotive software data company, Lance combines his meticulous attention to detail with a deep passion for supporting local businesses, agriculture, public transportation, and aviation.

Lance Boehmer stands as a testament to the power of community-oriented leadership, bridging the gap between progressive values and pragmatic solutions for a more connected and supported local economy.

Learn more about Lance on Facebook


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