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County Board Needs More Democrats

By Beryl Striewski, Published in the Record Eagle, Sept. 10, 2022

The Republican leadership role at the Grand Traverse Board of Commissioners must come to an end if we are to progress as a vibrant community in this highly desirable tourist destination. The Republican approach to governing the county board has been authoritarian.

They decide what comes before the board. They decide to be experts on COVID. They introduce a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution (basically a meaningless, at the county level, embrace of firearms). They give themselves a 72% raise during COVID lockdowns. They decide the 2023 budget will be adopted in an "accelerated timeline." They want to discuss, behind closed doors, how the American Rescue Plan Act funds will be spent.

Gosh, I’m tired of this approach. They should be retired. Let’s do something new this year. Let’s elect Democrats.

We have an opportunity to retire this tired group of right-wing, extremist Republican old men and proceed with vigor and vision with a wonderful slate of forward thinking, can-do, democracy-endorsing Democratic candidates.

Support your local Democratic candidate and Vote Blue!

Beryl Striewski

Traverse City


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