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Join Us On the Women’s March, January 20

There is so much that we hear every day about Trump and his antics that it becomes numbing. But the most disturbing thing to me is the big picture; the relentless march of transgressions, trampling over the norms of behavior that underpin the functioning of our government and our society.

The complete disregard for standards regarding conflicts of interest, the blatant attempts to intimidate the press, the ludicrously inappropriate and inflammatory rhetoric toward a tinpot dictator who now happens to hold the keys to ICBMs and nuclear force, the bald-faced attempts to intimidate witnesses and to shut down the Mueller investigation; I am disgusted beyond belief that the President of the United States would approach his job as if the country were both his playpen and his fiefdom.

As repugnant as all this is, equally disgusting, and even more disheartening, is the accelerating capitulation of the Republican Party to Trump's demands for obedience. This has to stop. We have to make it stop. I ask each of you to join in the 2018 Women's March:

January 20

Chamber of Commerce

202 E Grandview Parkway

Traverse City

You can also join us January 21 March in Lansing. There needs to a massive expression of disgust and resistance that says in no uncertain terms that we will not accept the world according to Trump and his Republican Party.

Will we change Trump's behavior? Not very likely. But the point of a massive turnout is to convince those that don't turn out that something is seriously wrong and that they need to get with the program.

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