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The Women's March - A Note to the Record Eagle

As a proud participant in the Women’s March on Saturday, I was energized by my fellow marchers. Gathering and marching is appropriate, peaceful and forceful. The fact that this was the second year in a row when this number of people marched in Traverse City was the story. The fact that our march was one of over 100 in the country was the story. The fact that the police were well prepared (and are sincerely appreciated) was not the story. The fact that some of us then went to Piper’s memorial was not the story (although Piper was awesome). The fact that some of us patronized local restaurants following the march was not the story. The fact that 3000 of your fellow citizen cared enough to gather to organize and express their views…that, too, is the story. I think, and I hope, that you can do better than this. Our community deserves that.

Editor's Note: The Record Eagle did cover The Women's March, but they did so on P3 under a story about the funeral for the airport dog. As Steve pointed out, their story very much missed the point of The March.

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