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Women's March Traverse City

January 19, 2019 Despite the frigid temperatures, a robust throng joined the 3rd annual Women’s March in Traverse City today. Bundled up like sausages, women and men of all ages, families with small children and their dogs marched along the sidewalks of down-town downtown carrying signs and chanting: “this is what Democracy looks like,” and “Heh, Heh, Ho, Ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” into the frozen air to the beat of drums. It was very clear that issues that affect women locally like the government shutdown, ratification of the ERA, equal pay for equal work, women’s health, working conditions for women, sexual abuse, the environment and disgruntlement with the current administration in

Marathon Grand Traverse County Commission Meeting 1-16-19

The Grand Traverse County Commission meeting was a well-attended marathon session, running from 8 am until 2:53 pm, or seven hours with only short breaks. The commission chamber was filled and an overflow crowd took seats in the foyer. Three topics: the start time of meetings, an invocation policy, and discussion of the appointment of Susan Odgers to the TADL board took the majority of the time. Initial public comment lasted for over an hour. 8AM Meeting Start Time: At the previous meeting the start time was moved to 8 am by a 4:3 vote with Betsy Coffia, Bryce Hundley, and Sonny Wheelock voting against the move away from the evening meeting time. At the last meeting there was a preponder

County Commission Makes Important Decisions.

The newly seated county commission held their first meeting on Jan 3. Key items included the following: Rob Hentschel was elected Chair. The vote was 4-3 with Clous, Hentschel, Jewett, and LaPointe voting in favor. Prayer at the Commission Meetings: One agenda item was to add an invocation to the beginning of each meeting. Several people rose to speak against this motion. A revised motion was distributed at the meeting. There was a motion to table discussion until the next meeting so everyone had a chance to review the revised document. This motion passed 4-3 with Coffia, Hundley, LaPoint, and Wheelock voting to table the motion until the next meeting. Commission Meetings moved

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