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O'Malley is No Moderate

Published in the Record Patriot September 17th, 2022

Republican Rep. Jack O’Malley, former radio show host and guy with the white Santa beard, is portraying himself as a friendly, moderate candidate running in the new 103rd Michigan House seat. In fact, Jack O’Malley is a Republican, right-wing, extremist whose voting record proves that he is 1) rabidly anti-women’s choice; 2) an anti-democracy extremist; and 3) is anti-environmental protections. Jack’s voting record reveals all:

1) Anti-women’s choice extremist record: In 2022, Jack voted to keep an anti-abortion 1931 trigger law even in cases of rape and incest on Michigan’s books. If this were not bad enough, Jack also voted to keep an outdated ban on birth control except for married couples. In 2019 Jack voted to make it a two-year felony for providers of certain second trimester abortions often medically necessary.

2) Anti-democracy extremist record: In 2020, Jack tried to subvert Michigan 2020 Michigan’s election results in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court and throw out all Michiganders’ votes to give the election to Donald J. Trump. In 2020, Jack supports voter suppression and promotes the Big Lie regarding 2020 election results when he talks about vetoed election reforms. 3) Anti-environment extremist record: Jack has an F grade from League of Conservation Voters and is beholden to corporate polluters who contribute to his campaign. Jack voted to support the issuing of permits for the construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel Project under the Straits of Mackinac. For Jack’s anti-environmental corporate polluter donors visit

To sum up: Jack is hiding the fact that he endorses extremist anti-abortion policies. Jack’s words and votes supporting the Big Lie have directly jeopardized our neighbors who work the polls and our county clerks safety. His support for the Line 5 tunnel is an immediate threat to Michiganders who do not have the luxury to wait for Enbridge to build a tunnel. Taken together Jack’s voting record demonstrates that he is a threat to democracy. Consider carefully how you vote. Sylvia McCullough Interlochen


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