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Why Doesn't the GOP Care?

Why Doesn’t the GOP Care?

It is common knowledge that for years in many countries Russian operatives have infiltrated and manipulated government activities. Corruption and control seem to be the motive. It has been accepted by almost everyone that there was Russian influence in our last election – and that similar interference is still going on.

I have no difficulty understanding why everyone affiliated with the Trump organization and administration would not be concerned; or why they probably don’t want this interference investigated. But what I don’t understand is why members of the Republican Party don’t seem to care that a foreign adversary is trying to manipulate our democratic processes.

At the beginning of this administration I was reminded of the story The Emperor’s New Clothes. It was obvious to me that there was little truth to what we were being told; yet faithful followers were willing to accept whatever came from the White House as their truth.

What must Republicans be thinking as they watch Russian influence spread through our country? They can’t pretend to be unaware. Do they really care so little for the security of our nation; care so little about upholding our constitution; care so little about our future as a democratic union?

As the venire begins to wear off, desperation settles in and the truth becomes more evident, the president’s spokespeople have resorted to what I call “Bully and Badger Politics”. When asked to explain some questionable action, or defend their claim that a FACT is FAKE NEWS, in true Trumpian style, they insult, interrupt and talk over reporters, allowing only their message to be heard.

Regardless of what you might think of the recent policy changes and international interactions of the President, don’t you find it concerning that NO ONE IN THIS ADMINISTRATION has begun an investigation in to the hacking of voting machines in many states? The RNC computers were hacked at the same time as the DNC emails were released - does no one realize information obtained then will someday be used against the GOP?

The only answer I have been able to come up with for “Why doesn’t the GOP care?” is that Russian money has supported their campaigns; that they have been, if not actively involved, knowledgeable of the activities influencing our last election. Do they believe they will be rewarded with a place in a future Putin-style regime or with large amounts of money laundered from our treasury?

If the controlling party will not defend the efforts of our founders, what will become of our country? Those of us who still care have one last hope – as long as we continue to have our vote.

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