Michigan State Maps (103rd, 104th, 37th, 1st.  Click HERE


You can view and print the county interactive Precinct and District Map HERE



The above map is the best currently available tool for determining the precinct and district of an address.

You can go to our Google Drive and get detailed precinct maps of each city or township in GT county HERE


Downloadable District and Precinct Map pdf click here (Valid 1/1/23)

NB: The map below does not reflect the new precinct assignment in Green Lake Township. 

The new map is shown below but if you download the map but clicking on the link above you will download a high-resolution PDF where you can read the border street names.

Reapportionment Plan G2.png

Current Downloadable Precinct Map (Valid unitl 1/1/2023)

The downloadable map is shown below. It does not have as much street detail as the interactive map above. You can download a copy of the map below directly from the county by clicking here: