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Partisan Canvassers Must be Overruled

By John DeSpelder, Published in the Record Eagle on Sept. 4, 2022

On Aug. 31, two people — the Republican members of the Board of State Canvassers — overruled the 735,000 Michigan voters who signed the Reproductive Freedom for All (RFfA) petition. Because of this partisan action, Michigan voters may not be able to choose to amend the state constitution to provide for legal and regulated abortions in the state.

Think of it: A record-setting 735,000 voters petitioned for the right to have the measure on the November ballot, and two people are blocking this landslide of support for reproductive freedom.

Despite the record number of petitioners for the measure, these two canvassers want to take away the freedom of Michigan women to decide for themselves. Instead, they would give the state the power to control the reproductive health of its residents.

The Board of State Canvassers’ decision will certainly be appealed to the Michigan State Supreme Court.

I sincerely hope that the court delivers justice for the 735,000 petitioners and for reproductive freedom, and that the RFfA will be presented to the voters on the November ballot.


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