The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners (BOC)

Grand Traverse County is governed by a 7 member Board of Commissioners, one for each district.  The District Map and commissioners are shown lower on this page HERE.

Information on BOC Meetings:

The BOC meets at 8 am on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  In addition, ad hoc special meetings as needed.  On the Tuesday before each meeting, the GTDems publishes a newsletter The BOC Beacon summarizing the previous meeting and describing what to look for in the next meeting.  You can get The BOC Beacon HERE.

Attending BOC Meetings: 

Information on attending and commenting at BOC meetings is provided at the bottom of the Beacon Page HERE.

You can watch the meetings either in real-time or after the fact HERE.  You can call in to make public comments at the beginning and end of each meeting.  Details are provided HERE.

The official web page for the BOC is HERE.  From this page, you can download the agenda packet for a meeting, see the schedule of meetings, and access videos of the current and past meetings.

You can download a copy of the BOC rules HERE,  Note that some browsers will open the rules and some will download them to your downloads folder.

Serve on a county board or commission

The boc appoints people to boards and commissions.  You can find openings HERE


About the BOC

  • There are 7 commissioners - 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats

  • The official BOC website is HERE

  • The Role of the BOC is:

    • Adopting the County's annual budget.  Download the 2021 county budget presentation HERE

    • Raising the money to fund the County's operations by levying property taxes, setting fees, selling bonds, or borrowing.

    • Appointing County residents to serve on various County boards, commissions and committees, which provide oversight for significant County services.  You can find board openings HERE

    • Selecting a County Administrator to supervise the day-to-day operations of County departments. 

    • Representing the County, and managing its property and business by adopting rules, regulations, ordinances and policies.

  • You can email all commissioners at

  • You can make public comment for 3 minutes at the beginning or end of the meeting go HERE for more details

  • They govern by the budgeting process. The departments are sheriff, courts, health, clerk, building and many more. What they value they fund generously

  • There is NO planning department at the county level

GT county District map annotated.jpg