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Don't Let Words Fool You

By Kim Gribi, Published in the Record Eagle, Sept. 3, 2022

Multiple dictionaries have similar definitions of the word "woke:" Verb — past of awake, to cease to be asleep. Adjective — alert to injustice in society and especially racism; synonyms — alive, aware, cognizant, conscious, etc.

Now contrast that with the opposite of woke: "Asleep," and you’ll see how a positive word has been co-opted by Trump and his followers to be a term meant to demonize people who genuinely care about and empathize with others.

“Make America Great Again” is simply code for a time when white males ruled, and women and people of color knew their places. No country can be great “again” until it is great for all.

And the U.S. can only become great for all when we truthfully and comprehensively teach the entirety of this country’s history, good and bad. Critical Race Theory is the study of the impact of that history on people of the non-dominant class, who have paid and continue to pay a price for the racism, classism and chauvinism inflicted on their ancestors and many of them yet today.

Germany gets this. All students are taught about the Holocaust in a complete and un-sanitized manner.

I pray we wise up soon.

Kim Gribi


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