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Ballot Box Locations!

Click HERE!

2024 Election Dates:

  • Michigan Primary (All other than President) Aug 6

    • Absentee ballot request deadline in person Aug 5

    • Early voting begins July 27

  • General Election Nov. 5

    • Absentee request deadline in person Nov 4

    • Register online by Oct 21 or in person up to Nov 5

Voting in Local, State, and National Elections:

Polling Place, VoterRegistration Status, & More

The Michigan Voter Information Center provides voters with essential information including:

  • Your Polling Place

  • Sample Ballots

  • Absentee Voting rules and Forms

  • Your Registration Status

Click on MVIC ( to access this information.


Voter Registration

The steps to register to vote are shown HERE

You can get registration forms online HERE

If you register online, by mail, or by registration event you will need ID the first time you vote. If you intend to absentee vote and are newly registered , then please note:

State law requires all voters registering for the first time either by mail, web, voter registration drive or other type of event to visit their local Clerk's office or Secretary of State's branch office and show their State issued photo ID in order to remove the "Verify ID" statement on their voter file and receive the ability to receive an absentee ballot by mail.  Without completing this action voters need to vote in person on the day of the election.

Absentee Voting Available!

Absentee voting ins now available to all eligible and registered voters.  Any voter may request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason!  Requests for an absentee ballot must be received by your clerk no later than the Friday before the election.  

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