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O'Malley is No Moderate (Short Version)

Extremist Anti-Choice Voting Record:

· Voted against repealing Michigan’s 1931 trigger law; i.e., supported criminalizing abortion, keeping anti-abortion law even in cases of rape and incest (ultimately ruled unconstitutional).

· Voted to deny birth control except for married couples.

· Voted to imprison doctors providing medically necessary 2nd trimester abortions.

· Voted in 2022 to disadvantage rural, low-income women, making needed family planning care access even harder.

Anti-Democracy Extremist:

· Supported disenfranchising Michigan’s electorate in the 2020 election and handing victory to Trump.

· Flagrantly supported Trump’s “Big Lie”; directly jeopardized county staff and our election poll workers advocating:

Banning absentee-ballot pre-paid return postage.

Banning non-partisan poll watchers.

Requiring voter ID for both in person and absentee ballots.

Banning mailing absentee ballots to all voters.

Anti-Environment Record:

· FAILING voting record (57%) on environmental issues, re: Michigan League of Conservation Voters

· Supports keeping the Straits pipeline open.

· Supports Line 5 tunnel.

· Took over $12,000 in corporate-polluter funding since 2017.

Anti-Public Education Record:

· Owned by the DeVos family, Jack opposes public education:

✓ 2022 co-sponsored anti-public education bill.

✓ Accepted DeVos funding for each of his 3 campaigns.

✓ DeVos Family donations maxed him out this year.

✓ Supported DeVos’ tax cuts Feb/March 2022.

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