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Voters Not Politicians Speak at Dems Potluck

On Saturday, July 22, members of Voters Not Politicians spoke to a large group of concerned citizens at the Little Fleet, about their progress in getting a petition printed to get the issue of nonpartisan redistricting on the ballot in November 2018. Linda Maginity began by saying that if you are a Democrat in a ‘packed’ Republican voting district, your candidate has no chance of being elected. After the 2020 US Census is taken, whatever political party is in power, will redraw voting district lines to favor their candidates. Voters Not Politicians wants to take that process away from politicians and give it to a nonpartisan redistricting commission made up of thirteen members consisting

Legislative Action Report for Michigan

Before I start reviewing the legislative actions of the past week, I want to make a few remarks about being a teacher and Public Act 92 of 2017. I was a teacher of biology and life science for 12 ½ years and a principal for another 10 years. For the number of hours that I worked each week (usually more than 60), it was not a well-paid job. Since I had been a practicing veterinarian with my husband running a small practice in the UP, I considered that my health insurance and my future pension were definitely part of my compensation package. I often expressed this to young teachers that I mentored or later hired. It helped make the lower salaries that were paid in rural areas more acceptable.

GT Dems Meet Matt Morgan

Members of the Grand Traverse Democrats and concerned citizens gathered at the Michigan Grill, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, to hear Traverse City resident, Matt Morgan, share his background and vision for the First District as he makes his bid to challenge Republican Jack Bergman to represent the Michigan First District in the US House. Matt explained that he retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel from the US Marine Corp after serving two tours in Iraq and several tours of duty at the Pentagon, the first under Donald Rumsfeld, which convinced him to become a Democrat, and another serving then Sec. of Defense Robert Gates. He learned to speak Arabic, went to grad school, and married his sweetheart,

GT Dems Meet Rep. Gretchen Whitmer

Grand Traverse Democrats met with Rep. Gretchen Whitmer Friday afternoon at the Michigan Grille. Rep. Whitmer spoke to a full house of 70 or more people about her hopes and aspirations for becoming the next Democratic Governor of Michigan. A lifelong resident of Michigan who was raised in a political family, she is on a mission to meet with voters in every county in the state. Rep. Whitmer reported that she has been received by enthusiastic crowds who are incredibly energized. “People are angry,” she said, “over our water, schools and jobs.” Michigan’s water is an especially critical issue for her. Remembering that Michigan’s schools used to be the best in the nation, with great roads a

GT Dems Meet Sen. Peters

Senator Gary Peters accompanied by his wife Colleen, met with Grand Traverse Democrats at the Michigan Grille, on Tuesday afternoon. After an introduction by Lee Hornberger, Senator Peters commented briefly that Michigan will be the focus of intense political activity in 2018, and 2020, since Trump won the state, although narrowly. He said Senator Stabenow will be especially hard hit, and that she needs our support. Also, he said he is seeing unprecedented energy from Democrats and to keep up the work we are doing. It is making a difference. The Senator then threw discussion open to those assembled. He responded a request for advice on how to deal with the Trump administration asking st

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