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Examples fo Pantry Needs:


            pillows, pillow cases

            sleeping bags/mats



            deodorant, Body wash

            shampoo, hairbrush/comb


            toothbrushes, toothpaste

            ethnic hair products

            tampons ®


            string cheese, yogurt

            veggie sticks

            crackers, pretzels

fresh fruit, dried fruit

            trail mix, nuts

peanut butter



            vegetable/olive/canola oil

            canned fish/meat

            peanut butter

            fresh fruit/veggies

            canned fruit/veggies

            pancake mix


            underwear (mens/womens/boys/girls


            zip ups/hoodies (boys/girls)

            socks (all sizes;low and tall socks


            gift cards:


            Gas cards:





            high lighters, markers

            colored pencils

            scissors, calculators

            pens. pencils

            spiral notebooks



            soup, ramen

            canned meals

            rice, instant potatoes


            pasta meals, mac n cheese





For students individual needs eg clothing shoes, towels, sleeping materials and extra curricular fees


Blue Tiger InitiativeHelping Our Community

In 2006, former Michigan Democratic Party chair Mark Brewer challenged local parties to undertake civic engagement projects to help their communities. The effort was called the Blue Tiger Initiative.  Today, Blue Tiger programs live on through the Grand Traverse Democrats' relationship with Traverse City High School (TCHS), The State Theater and Adopt a Highway.

Traverse City High School (TCHS)

Former executive board member Suzann Brooke (deceased 2018) spearheaded the Blue Tiger TCHS drives for food and other needed items to supply the alternative high school's pantry. A retired special education teacher, Brooke became aware of TCHS students’ needs while serving as a member of the Traverse City Area Public Schools Board of Education.

In 2019, 150 students attended the school (2020 stats are currently unavailable). These young people are dealing with a wide range of challenges and circumstances that make attendance and success in a traditional school setting difficult. The goal of TCHS and its programming is to keep students in school, help them graduate and ultimately be successful in life. By supporting the Blue Tiger TCHS Initiative, you will help to provide basic needs crucial to that goal.

Brooke’s original Blue Tiger TCHS Initiative focused on keeping the school’s pantry stocked (see pantry suggestions list below). The pantry still collects donations so that students can access items as needed. In recent years, the initiative has also requested monetary donations (cash or checks) which are passed on to the school so that staff may purchase items or pay for athletic/music program fees, BATA cards, etc.

Blue Tiger at Work!


The Grand Traverse Democrats collect pantry items and/or monetary contributions at every meeting or event they hold. There is also a drop box at the Dem office for non-monetary donations (currently closed).

Checks should be made out to: Traverse City High School Student Support Network (TCHS Student Support Network). The school DOES NOT accept cash directly for bookkeeping reasons. If you would prefer to donate to the pantry directly in the name of the Grand Traverse Democrats Blue Tiger TCHS Initiative, please call Principal Lance Morgan at 933-5860.

Using your credit card you may also donate directly by going to the TCAPS website ( Click on the donate tab, fill in your information. Be sure to specifically direct your donation in the Program Designation box to the TCHS Student Support Network and in the “Organization Box” enter: Blue Tiger Initiative (GT Dems).

To donate to Blue Tiger click the button and specify that and that the money is coming from the Blue Tiger initiative in a textbox on the Donate page

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