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Why We Vote

Robert Degabriele - I grew up in a small UP town where neighbors were extended family. Where neighborhoods were outdoor living rooms. Neighborhoods create our quality of life. Currently the quality of life in our neighborhoods in Grand Traverse County is threatened by lack of workforce housing, short term rentals, and under-funded public schools.

Without affordable housing, families can’t work and live here. Fewer families and students mean less money for our schools and under-staffed businesses. Short term rentals steal workforce housing thereby reducing public school financing.

Excellent public schools attract young families to neighborhoods. Not smooth roads, or bike & wine trails. Betsy DeVoss’s push to allow tax deductions for payments to private schools steals funding from public schools. Charter schools do the same.

Republicans at EVERY level are working to defund public education. They want to end local control of short-term rentals under the guise of “protecting property rights” while ignoring the rights of neighbors. Additional threats to our quality of life here in Northern Michigan are Republican support for Line 5, voter suppression laws, taking away women’s right to choose and opposing sensible gun safety reforms.

It's time to VOTE to save your Quality Of Life!!


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