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Vote for Women's Reproductive Rights

By Marchia Curran, Frankfort, Published in Record Patriot, July 27th, 2022 - Women's reproductive healthcare cannot be legislated in a way that would protect a woman's life--unless women are allowed freedom of choice. The religious ideologues who want to criminalize abortion ignore the complexities of pregnancy and its numerous health hazards. Shame on the politicians and justices who claim to be so moral and right as they deny equal treatment to women. In fact, they are scientifically ignorant and destructive of women's health. Who can respect courts or legislatures that assert papal-like powers?

States like Ohio with its draconian rules about abortion are going to suffer loss of good doctors, and will lose the ability to attract students to its many colleges. Businesses will find it harder to attract talented workers. Why would young women want to put themselves at risk to go there? Why would good doctors want to practice there? You might not want to go to the Cleveland Clinic for specialized care given those laws. Will medical students even want to go into obstetrics, a medical specialty already understaffed?

Michigan will suffer the same if it reinstates its 1931 law outlawing abortion. Health care at the University of Michigan hospital might not appeal either. Businesses will suffer. Conference centers in the state will be on the black list. Negative repercussions will be huge. Think about it.

Smart women will go to school, work or live in states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California and others that recognize a woman's right to choose. There will be a major exodus of women from states that don't treat them equally. Clearly, there is only one political party that supports a woman's reproductive health.

This year please vote for reproductive freedom in Michigan.


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