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Change is not spelled D-E-S-T-R-O-Y!

Coming up to the 2016 election there were few people in our country who would not agree that there were some very important changes that needed to happen. The word change usually brings with it the understanding that the motive behind it is to facilitate an improvement. Sadly, all I have seen since January 2017 is evidence of destruction, both literally and figuratively. Despite the increase of natural disasters, our Environmental Protection Agency is being stripped of its resources; protections for our precious Great Lakes are being dismantled; not to mention how hatred and divisions in our population have been exaggerated to a level not seen since the Civil War. Is this really what the voters were hoping for?

Michael Moore was right when he said the supporters of this present administration wanted to throw a Molotov cocktail into Washington. Unfortunately, those supporters, and the current administration, failed to give thought to what would rise from the resulting rubble.

It was obvious with the attempt to replace the ACA that there was no improvement ready to be brought forth, in spite of the fact that they had years to prepare. And, with the current tax reform fiasco, it is clear that very little thought was given to finding a way to benefit the average American. The head of the Treasury Department was not even prepared to provide documents necessary for an intelligent evaluation of the bill being presented. For legislatures to admit that “our donors told us not to bother calling them again if we don’t get this passed” leaves no doubt where their loyalties lie. Has our government really fallen to a level where it is for sale to the highest bidder?! How much shame will be too much?

I shake my head in wonder how much more change/destruction needs to happen before we, the American people, will stand up against this disaster and fight to take our country back.

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