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Stop the Tax Scam Rally a Success in TC

Yesterday, a hundred or so Tax Scam Rally goers were greeted with waves, honks and cheers (and a few birds) while carrying signs to educate the public regarding the effects that the so-called Tax Reform Bill being rammed through the US Senate, will have on everyday, hard working Americans, many of whom stand to have their taxes raised and lose their health care benefits, and eventually experience reductions in their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. Republicans in Congress appear poised to "sweeten the pot" for their wealthy donors by giving them even more tax breaks than are included in the bill now according to an article in New York Times this morning:

Let's everyone take one of these fine photo shots taken by Harold Lassers at the Rally and post it to your facebook pages with some factual commentary. More high resolution photos are available at: Thanks for sharing!

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