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Nationwide Marches for Gun

The following is from John DeSpelder's Facebook Post linking to a USA Today Story about nationwide marches by students. You can go to the FB post here.

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are planning a nationwide day of marches, in DC and across the nation, on 3/24/18. There are other marches and gatherings planned by other groups, on different dates, but both my head and my gut tell me that this group of students, and the march on 3/24/18 deserves and needs our wholehearted support and focus.

The future can be different.

Picture form USA Today

Too soon to talk about guns? Here's a time, school shooting survivors say: March 24

The group says it was inspired, created and led by students across the nation who say they 'will no longer risk our lives waiting for someone else to take action.'

Editor's Note: We will post stories about any local marches that may arise out of this effort. Organizers are encouraged to contact if they would like their event on our calendar. See the simple rules on our homepage below the calendar.

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