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Jocelyn Benson, Democrat, Announces for Sec. of State

On Thursday afternoon, Oct 19, Jocelyn Benson, announced to a packed audience at the Northpeak Brewing Co., Traverse City, MI, that she is running as the Democratic candidate for Michigan Secretary of State in 2018. She will be returning to Traverse City often, and promised she will work hard as Secretary of State, to see her top priority that no will wait in line for driver’s license

renewals, or anything else, at a Secretary of State’s office, for more than 30 minutes. She shared that when her husband had a two day leave from duty in Afghanistan, and wanted to renew his driver’s license, the wait line was more than three hours. Three precious hours he wanted to spend with his family before being shipped out. He opted for time with his loved ones and left without his license being renewed. She feels the same applies to voting lines. She promised no new fees for licenses. Ms. Benson underlined that she knows how to do more with less with a proven track record on that account.

Another top priority of Ms. Benson’s is to stop outside interference in our Presidential elections, and to protect our election voting data from being hacked by sources who what to influence our election outcomes. She reiterated that there is too much dark money pouring into our elections. She will insist on instant disclosure of donations to PACS by special interest groups and donors. She will work to insure early voting periods and absentee ballots. She explained that there are a lot of forces here in the state that do not want that to happen.

Ms. Benson promised that her pledges start here, now, but that she will need all of us to help her here on the ground in Grand Traverse Co. and elsewhere across the state. We understand how important the office of Secretary of State is in safeguarding our voting rights. She will do whatever we need her to do. Go door to door, person to person. She will be on call and ready to jump in her car on short notice. “I will be here!” She will be depending on us to spread the word, and make her candidacy a win for Democrats in the First District, and the people of Michigan.

As Ms. Benson’s birthday is this Sunday, the audience closed by singing a rousing chorus of

“Happy Birthday,” and a robust round of applause.

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