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Why the ‘Right’ to Vote has ‘Left’ Us

The Right has for 4 decades voted to limit a woman’s right to make reproductive health care decisions. Outlawing medical emergency abortion endangers women’s lives from problem pregnancies and complications in childbirth. In the United States each year there are 17 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births. Eliminating abortion completely condemns 100 women to death, every year.

The Right to bear arms has Left us with 18 year olds buying weapons of war, and slaughtering our children.

The Right to vote onslaught has Left us with limited absentee voting, closed polling stations, onerous voter ID rules, and jail time if you give a senior citizen a bottle of water while waiting in long lines.

The Right to mine & drill for carbon fuels, with the SCOTUS decision that the EPA may no longer regulate air pollution has Left us with worsening climate change and more pollution deaths.

The Right will make Social Security and Medicare payments discretionary, no longer mandatory. What’s Left?

The Right votes to retain power. Period. The Left votes to safeguard women, children, families, neighborhoods, our very planet. Come November, VOTE LEFT!


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