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Proud Boys and the BOC

Published in the Record Eagle, Sat., July 30, 2022

The JANUARY 6 House Investigative Committee has established that Trump knew he lost the election and yet he promoted the Big Lie, and initiated and motivated the assault on the Capitol aided by his supporters, the Proud Boys.

Knowing what we now know, the connection between Grand Traverse County Board Chairman Rob Hentschel, and Randy Bishop, a Proud Boy supporter, is very disturbing. In a 4-2 vote with Sonny Wheelock and Democratic commissioner Bryce Hundley opposing, and Betsy Coffia absent, Republicans Hentschel, Ron Clous, Brad Jewett and Gordie LaPointe passed a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution on March 4, 2020, after hearing presentations in support from local Proud Boys, John Sumner and Michael Walton, and from “Trucker Randy” Bishop, a right-wing radio DJ and twice-convicted felon who is now a current candidate for Michigan State Senate.

Grand Traverse County is better than this. Voters need to change the makeup of our County Commission. We need to reject the “Big Lie” and vote from the top of the ballot to all down ballot slots with candidates who believe the 2020 election was fairly won by President Biden. Our democracy depends on it. Vote!


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