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Misinformation is a Serious Problem

By John Hunter, Leelanau Indivisible, Published in the Record Eagle, August 27, 2022

As youngsters we were told to not accept candy from strangers, lest harm befall us. Later, we were advised not to believe everything we read on the internet.

It’s astounding that some in Leelanau County are still “doing their own research” while only parroting the recklessly fraudulent views of those selling something, promoting a rumor/conspiracy in the hopes of selling something, trying to stay out of jail or trying to get elected.

Rumor breeds conspiracy, breeds profit, breeds more rumor, more profit — ad nauseam. From Satanic Panic to Q-ANON to Trump complaining about a rigged election weeks before voting began, claiming victory days before the votes were counted to loudly and repeatedly — but never under oath in a court of law — saying his election was stolen.

It’s doubtful that those locally who are still complaining about the 2020 election ever step away from their TV screen or Facebook pages long enough to step inside a library - possibly because there might be a few books, out of thousands, they find objectionable.

As human beings, we have a right to be skeptical. Unfortunately, the entire scientific community is becoming increasingly concerned about misinformation/disinformation and views it as a serious national problem.

John Hunter

Traverse City


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