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Dear Fellow Progressives,

As a result of some of the Trump folks rejecting the outcome of the election, many of you have decided to de-friend lifelong friends and even refuse to get together with family members for family events. This is a bad strategy in many ways. The shifting winds of politics come and go but true friends and family should be able to ride it out. We all agree, both conservative and progressive, that things need to change but deciding not to talk with those that disagree with us is not a good start.

I am a progressive Democrat to my core but I understand that most of my Trump friends are not racists or fascists, are compassionate to others and have been generous in many ways to those needing help. They do not support a violent reaction to the election. Fellow progressives, if you choose to consider all Trump voters to be in a “basket of deplorables” you write off 74 million of your fellow Americans many who could help us and the country in accomplishing shared goals facilitating a better life for all.

If we recognize the humanity of all and offer respect, a dialog can commence that will not have us all agree on everything but can bring us closer to the goal of liberty and justice for all.

John Snow

Previously published in the 1/25/21 Northern Express

Views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Grand Traverse Democratic Party


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