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Comments from BOC 10-21-2020 Meeting

Carol Shuckra - 10-22-2020

As citizens of Grand Traverse County, we expect our elected GT Board of Commissioners to be concerned about the well-being of local citizens, including their health. We look to the GT BOC to work toward protecting the public.

Four of our commissioners chose not to wear masks at the October 13th (in person) meeting at the Governmental Center. Wearing masks in the building is an expectation and a rule. If people refuse to wear masks they will be asked to leave. According to one of the callers for public comment, the police were called to remove her from the building for not wearing a mask.

Yet, the four commissioners who chose not to wear a mask, displayed more evidence of their re-occurring problem with the issue of ethics. Government employees and citizens are mandated to comply with rules and regulations. Repeatedly these commissioners feel they can exempt themselves from the rules. The implication is, “Do as we say, not as we do!”

At a time when our Grand Traverse County COVID cases, positive test results and deaths are rising, we citizens need to be reassured that the Board of Commissioners take our welfare to heart. We expect you to demonstrate genuine concern for the citizens who elected you. That calls for you to follow best practices of COVID prevention…wear a mask!


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