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As Long as Nothing Really Bad Happens

Keli MacIntosh

August 4, 2020

After the election of 2016, Democrats were terrified of what might lie ahead. Even many Republicans were concerned about Trump’s lack of qualifications. But they assumed the experienced, intelligent people surrounding the new president would keep the country on track. I frequently heard the comment - “We should be OK - as long as nothing really bad happens.”

Our country has bumbled through some difficult times over the last 3 ½ years. Immigration immediately became an obvious open sore, festering into policies that treat those seeking refuge as if they were criminals. As a deterrent, children have been taken from their parents with no guarantee they could ever be returned.

White supremacy has been unleashed by a president who all but encourages violence against people of color. A racial divide exacerbated, leading to massive groups of torch-carrying racists chanting “White Power” and “Jews will not replace us”.

Police brutality of minorities has become more evident. This administration blames left-wing groups like Antifa for the resulting violence, but research shows the Boogaloo Boys, a right-wing group, intent on bringing about another civil war, is the instigator.

Evidence of foreign adversaries’ trying to influence the election by laundering misinformation, has caused the concern of established security agencies. The exposure of these interferences has resulted in the firing of many long-time trusted officials.

Our country has been suffering a death by a thousand cuts. But we kept hoping the democratic framework would survive, ‘as long as nothing really bad happens’.

Unfortunately, the ultimate test arrived to welcome the year 2020 – something really bad has happened! All kinds of ‘really bad things’ happened as this year proceeded.

Covid-19 has shut down parts of the country, exploding unemployment numbers, causing a financial crisis and extreme swings in the stock market.

Making matters worse, all the experienced, intelligent people surrounding the president have left in disgust, were buried in useless jobs, or were fired. His MAGA policies forced a majority of the country into possible bankruptcy and a civil unrest not seen since the late 60s.

People are dying from Covid-19 by the thousands while many follow the lead of the President and ignore the advice of medical experts. Massive rallies to support Black Lives Matter are now met with unidentified federal troops who brutally attack peaceful protesters and drag them off in unmarked vehicles.

Our country’s democracy cannot survive another 4 years of this administration. I wonder if it can survive through the November election. Regardless of your political affiliation, you must realize that things have to change.

I’m in my 70s, and this upcoming election is no doubt the most important of my lifetime. We have few options – and not much more hope – for a successful future. The worse ‘really bad thing’ that lies on the horizon is the loss of our democracy. Are we facing a life like those living in Russia or North Korea?

Our hope is our vote. Voting must be safe and secure.

Any opinions that may have been stated here do not reflect the positions of the Grand Traverse Democrats.

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