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Comments on Line 5 at the BOC

Editor's Note: This is one of the comments given to the BOC in response to an item on the agenda by Commissioner Jewett to support the Enbridge Line 5 Proposal. The BOC does not publish public comments. We feel the comments made were worthy of note and consideration and are publishing them in this blog.

To: Grand Traverse County Board

From: Ann Rogers, co-chair of NMEAC

Over 5 years ago Oil and Water Don’t Mix (OWDM) was organized to protect the Great Lakes from a 66 year old deteriorating Pipeline 5 under the Straits of Mackinaw. Over 27 environmental groups, 9 Native Tribes, many businesses including local breweries, cities and counties joined the effort. This effort continues to oppose any threats to our precious fresh water including the tunnel Enbridge now wants to build.

The Traverse City City Commission and the Grand Traverse County board were among those who sent resolutions of opposition to the pipeline.

Are you aware that Line 5 pumps nearly 1 million gallons per hour under our Straits and the other 640 miles to Sarnia, Ontario? Do you care that most people in Michigan get their drinking water from lakes Michigan and Huron? Do you care about our economy that is based on tourism and agriculture.?

Does anyone care about the Ausable River? The pipeline goes under that river and under more than 600 miles of forests, streams and at least 20 other rivers .

Why do we allow a Canadian use our state to pipe oil from Canada to Canada and leave us with all the risk?

Is it because the fossil fuel industry has helped in your elections?

Or have they promised to help in the next one?

The Great Lakes are not a renewable resource, and must be protected from polluting by every means possible.

About 5 years ago the city and the county boards passed resolutions to shut down Line 5. Don’t renege on that decision.

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