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County Commission Meeting Notes April 17, 2019

Call to Order:

Opening ceremonies included an invocation and pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Roll Call: one commissioner absent.

First Public Comment: Approximately 10 people came to the podium to comment. Comments were equally divided between citizens making their disapproval known regarding changing time of these meetings from the evenings to 8:00 in the morning--making it hard to attend and the clear cutting of trees at the Traverse City Airport.


Two items were requested to be removed from consent calendar: one by Betsy Coffia (Department of Health & Human Services) and the other by Gordie LaPointe (Budget Amendments).


The Building code effectiveness grading schedule results for GTC were discussed. The cost of spending $200,000 to purchase property on Cass Rd. would be recovered from property owners not from general fund. Approved.


Commission on Aging requested $40,000 to run various transportation systems for seniors with different needs: Approved

The also requested to renew maintenance contract with Lark Lawn and Garden: Approved

Facilities Management--window cleaning contract for $22,500 for three years: Approved

Health Department: subcontract agreements for syringe service program expansion: Not approved

Comment: This was unfortunate--this presenter had to use a government form for the request which included supplying syringes which they were not going to be doing. The $50,000 request was for testing of HIV and hepatitis A and C. Also to educate to prevent infectious diseases. The board asked over and over about supplying syringes because of the poorly worded document. It was vote against 3 to 2 with Bryce Hundley having to abstain due to conflict of interest.

Administration: resolution authorizing additional pension obligation payment in year 2019. Adoption of an unfunded pension obligation payment policy 1.5 million extra for year.

Rescinded resolution #161-2015 which would allow certain department to get per Diem payments.

Unfinished Business

Approved District Library Board Nominee


A few more comments about time of these meetings and clear cut of trees at airport.

For some reason the chair had to mention at end of meeting that 40,000 trees and shrubs have been planted in Traverse City. Guess it was to justify the cutting of trees at airport.

ADJOURNMENT (They then went into a closed door meeting)

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