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A Touch of Spring at Little Fleet

A little bit of Spring popped out at Little Fleet on Tuesday February 5th, at the monthly Progressive Potluck, hosted by the Grand Traverse Democrats. Brenin & Jamie from the Poesis Community Farm gave a great presentation concerning the almost one and half acres they farm at the “Historic Barns in The Commons of Traverse City”.

They discussed that Poesis Farm operates as a community farm where all are welcome to participate. Poesis Farm grows crops that are donated to local food pantries. They also save, dry and process seeds that are given out to allow fellow gardeners to expand the community garden’s products to their home gardens. Poesis Community Farm provides educational events for local students on the benefits of fresh produce and how to grow it.

Brenin & Jamie are looking for volunteers to help with the gardening activities. They said that a person can come out and give whatever time they want to the garden. Their description was, “come to garden, come visit or just come pick some flowers for a bouquet.”

Anyone interested in participating can find and respond to them on Facebook or Instagram or email them at

Thank you to Sheree Jamrog for all the hard work in coordinating this event.

A big shout out to Little Fleet for allowing us the space to get folks together to visit and learn about the good community activities and actions that are occurring every day in the Grand Traverse area. The next Progressive Potluck is scheduled for March 5th, 6pm at Little Fleet.

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