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Sue Brooke, Dedicated Dem, Passes

Sue Brooke, a dedicated supporter to our cause, passed away unexpectedly on October 5th.

Sue has been a stalwart supporter of the Dems all of her adult life until some health issues curbed her involvement physically. She contributed ideas to our decorating committee for the recent Truman Dinner.

Sue played a significant role in the resurgence of the Grand Traverse Democratic Party in 2000. She served as our recording secretary as well as the first office manager when we first opened our year around office on 8th Street. She set the standard of how the office should be run including handling donations for the sale of campaign SWAG.

If our Treasurer was out of town she would tell us how much cash was hidden in her sock drawer in case something happened to her before we could deposit the money. She served on the Truman Dinner Committee for many years in numerous capacities especially the decoration committee. As a retired special education teacher she ran and won a seat on TCAPS school board. She was an intelligent, articulate, loyal and fierce mother, teacher, friend and Democratic activist. We will miss her greatly.

You can find her obituary in the Record Eagle at:

Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation is encouraged to make a donation in her name to an animal rescue organization of your choosing.

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