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Grand Opening for Dan O’Neil’s Campaign Office

If all the enthusiasm from those attending the opening of Dan O’Neil’s campaign office is any indication of the political environment heading toward November, Larry Inman has a big fight on his hands.

The campaign office, located at 601 East State Street in Traverse City, was filled with people anxious to get busy spreading Dan’s message. City officials and politicians were also there in support. While nibbling on snacks, the group talked with campaign officials about how they can get involved.

Matt and Angie Morgan showed up to take part in the celebration and offer their support to ensure the Blue Wave we are working for washes over the state this fall.

Senator Gary Peters spoke about the many times he and Dan have worked together to protect the Grand Traverse area and improve the lives of its residence.

One main issue, close to both of their hearts, has been ensuring the quality of the Great Lakes. Gary commented that Dan has a reputation of always looking out for the underdog.

When Dan spoke, he insisted that we would not be working just to get him elected, but working to make life better for the people in our area – our neighbors, people struggling to make enough money to provide a stable life for their families, parents concerned about our failing education system, and those worried that the environment, so important to local economics, is threatened by the recent elimination of protections.

If, after speaking with any Dan O’Neil supporter, you watch them walk away, you will notice the reason why they have gotten involved. The back of their political tee shirt carries Dan’s slogan, “Together we can do better.”

Photos by Harold Lassers

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