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University Board Candidates Need Your Support at MDP Convention

On Thursday, July 26 we held a candidate forum and were visited by three passionate, brilliant, and accomplished women asking for our support in the MSU and Wayne State Board Races. These are contested races and the candidate is to be chosen at the MDP convention. If you are going to the convention please look at these candidates. If you cannot go, please let your delegate know your views.

The candidates are presented in random order.

Brianna Scott is running for MSU Trustee.

Brianna shared with us a passion and life story in which MSU saw her potential, helped her through challenging times, and enabled her to achieve success. She became an attorney, served as a county prosecutor and founded her own law firm.

Her story is of a young woman who made some errors, had an unplanned pregnancy at 20, but succeeded with the aid of the MSU community. Her son is now an MSU student.

She has the passion to give back to the school that supported her and feels she has the diverse perspective, ideas, and skills MSU needs. Ms Scott is asking for our support at the MDP convention.

You can read more about her on her web page and facebook page:

Kelly Tebay is running for MSU Trustee

Kelly shared with us a passion for MSU and for the students. Her key action points were:

- Accessibility

- Transparency

- Accountability

She spoke of a board that currently makes decisions in private, before the "open" meetings, circumventing transparency.

Kelly spoke at some length on the topic of rising tuition and using more of the MSU endowment to aid students. She noted the current practice at the university keeps funding with the department that generates it. She feels more of a "share the wealth" concept is needed, especially with respect to the athletic department. She notes that the large liability from the recent settlement comes from the athletic department.

Ms Tebay also shared passion for the safety of women on campus. She was a victim of sexual assault and feels more needs be done to protect and support students on campus.

Kelly has a BA in International Relations and an MS in Law Enforcement Intelligence both from MSU.

You can read more about Kelly Tebay at

Sue Carter is running for Wayne State Board of Governors

Sue Carter is a Journalism professor at Wayne State and Michigan State. She has both an MA and a JD from Wayne State.

Her first message to us was that Wayne State must be affordable to students. Today the state pays only 20% of the cost of educating students. When she attended the state paid 75%.

When asked why she wanted to run her response was

- I care about Education

- I care about Students

- I care about Universities.

Ms Carter shared a perspective that included the university being both a support to students and a research institution.

Sue is an energetic, engaging, and passionate candidate. She is an accomplished athlete, lead a women's ski expedition to the North Pole, and is an Episcopal priest.

To learn more about Sue Carter email her at

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