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Marianne Williamson for Matt Morgan

On June 10th, U.S. Congressional candidate Matt Morgan was joined by New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson along with passionate supporters at the Grand Traverse Resort for an energetic afternoon of speeches and audience questions.

Williamson began with a rousing speech about the interaction between politics and spirituality, in which the basis for politics must be a love for all of humanity. Williamson drew on history as an example of how we must do better, but that if we want to see change we must get out to the polls.

Morgan followed with an emphasis on his motivations for running as well as explaining his strong belief in good healthcare and stable jobs for all. He also addressed the importance of reaching across the aisle to engage potential voters. Lastly, Morgan explained the exact process for how to write him in on the ballot on August 7th. Fill in the bubble under “Representative in Congress, 1st District,” and write “Matt Morgan.”

Marianne Williamson and Matt Morgan

Angie Morgan, Marianne Williamson and

Matt Morgan

Marianne Williamson

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