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The Stabenow campaign reached out to Grand Traverse Democrats seeking volunteers to circulate her nominating petitions during the Save Our Lives call to action on March 24, 2018. Eight local Dems stepped up to help. The group met 90 minutes before the march and stayed after the event to collect signatures. Not only did the volunteers arrive early and stay late, they also marched in the parade.

In spite of cold weather which caused ink pens and fingers to freeze, circulators collected 218 signatures on the petitions. Campaign staffers were more than a little impressed with the outcome as their goal had been 100 signatures for Traverse City. Senator Stabenow was quoted as being "thrilled” when the results were reported.

A big thank you to the following people whose hard work made for a

successful day:

Susan Zion

Carol Miller

Sherrie Fleuter

Marcy Maller

Donna Moore

Kathy Tuckerman

Bob Pelto

Judy Pelto

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