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Progpot - The November Edition

A warm group of fellow progressives joined together at Little Fleet for the November Progressive Potluck. Becky Rogan spoke to us about the work of Conflict Resolution Services and gave us a few hints on using their methods in our own progressive work.

Right to left: Chris Cracchiolo GTDem Chairman, Betsy Coffia, ProgPot organizer, Becky Rogan Speaker for November.

Becky's talk emphasized that before we can be persuasive we need to create an environment where folks want to hear us. To be heard we must first listen. Her points included:

  • People have a strong need to be heard.

  • People have a need to have their validity accepted.

  • People are open to listening to and accepting new ideas only after the trust is developed, people know they are heard, and their feelings accepted as valid.

Becky also described the work of Conflict Resolution Services ( in our community. Their mediators often help folks resolve disputes without costly and painful legal action. The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Those present shared warm food, warm feelings, and the camaraderie of progressive coming together for the common good.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Mike says:

don't forget to renew your membership!

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