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Why Is It, In Politics, The Only Thing That Matters Is If We Win?

When I was coming of age, I was mesmerized by the Camelot attitude of the Kennedy presidency. When he was assassinated, the innocent feeling of security was pulled out from under me. I was never involved in politics, but somehow came to realize that, though you might be an honest individual when you enter politics, to succeed, you couldn’t stay that way.

My education led me to believe that the whole premise behind our governmental system is to ensure that all citizens benefit from the works of our founding fathers. It has been very disappointing to realize that most politicians have been bought by business interests – the business of medicine has ruined health care and the NRA, in its efforts to support the second amendment, has turned our country back into the wild, wild west.

As I watched the mud-slinging of our last election cycle I couldn’t help but wonder why the American people had lost sight of what should be our common goal. It’s the people of America who are supposed to win, not just one political party or one lobbying group or one super Pac.

It’s been eleven months since the transition in Washington, and the states whose voting systems were penetrated by Russian operatives have not yet been notified of the extend of their vulnerability. The new administration doesn’t care that a foreign government has infiltrated our voting system because, whatever happened, it helped them win.

The truth has been labeled as Fake News and fake news spreads through our lives like a wild fire, manipulating those who don’t care to verify it because “all that matters is that we win”.

Will I really be safer knowing assault rifles can have silencers? Do you really have better healthcare now that every effort has been made to end the ACA but no one has come up with something better? Does our relationship with the rest of the world help you sleep at night?

I ask you – “What have we won?” – the gradual destruction of the foundation of our democratic society.

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