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Kudos to GT Dems Outreach at the Fair

Volunteers for the Grand Traverse Democratic Party made sure we were well represented at the Northwest Michigan Fair held in Traverse City this year. The Democratic booth at the fair sparkled with bright banners, signs, and colorful swags staffed by smiling volunteers from Leelanau, Kalkaska and Grand Traverse Counties. A total of 26 volunteers manned our booth every day from August 6th through the 12th. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, and the long hours they put in getting the word out regarding our candidates and the mission we stand for.

Over the course of seven days our volunteers gathered signatures from Fair goers on nominating petitions that were provided by candidates running for public offices in all three counties. Literature was provided for gubernatorial candidates Abdul El-Sayed, Shri Thanedar, and Gretchen Whitmer. Matt Morgan, also provided literature and ballot signature

forms to further his bid for US House of Representatives here in the First District against incumbent Jack Bergman. In addition, Grand Traverse Democratic Party business cards, and the pamphlet " Grand Traverse Democrats - What We Stand For," were distributed.

A round of applause goes to our Outreach Team leaders, Sherri Fleuter and Kay Keating for organizing the event, and to the wonderful volunteers who made it so successful. Thank you all.

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