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GT Dems Meet Dwight Brady

Dwight Brady Meets GT Dems

Wednesday, July 14, 2016

“This is a democratic call to arms. We are in ideological warfare. It is time to repeal and replace Jack Bergman.” This was the impassioned plea of Dwight Brady, US representative candidate for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. Brady met with members of Indivisible Grand Traverse on June 13th and the Grand Traverse Dems on June 14 to talk about his run for office. As a lifelong “Youper” he and his wife are raising their 4 children in Marquette. A self-described evangelical Christian that believes in a woman’s right to choose, Brady is also an avid sportsman and hunter who wants common sense gun control

Brady teaches multimedia journalism and media law at Northern Michigan University. “We will grow our economy through education”, he said. Brady and his students recently won a “Michigan Emmy” for their production of Boxed In a documentary focused on large retailers like Meijer who take advantage of Michigan’s questionable dark store tax policy to lower their payments. On climate change Brady said, “I believe in verifiable facts. Fact 1: CO2 levels are increasing and changing our climate. The US and Syria are the only two countries not in the Paris Accord because their leadership does not believe in climate change. Fact 2: There are 3 times more jobs openings in solar and wind energy than in gas and coal combined. Supporting climate policy and green energy are good governance.”

“We are the only industrialized nation without universal health care. More than 23,000 Michigan citizens will be thrown under the limos of the rich if Trump Care passes”, said Brady. 2018 can be a turning point for Michigan. Traditionally less than 25% of registered voters participate in midterm elections. If we can get out the vote, we can take back our state.

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