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GT Dems Blue Tiger Project

The Blue Tiger Project is a charitable initiative of the Grand Traverse Democratic Party, which serves the Traverse City Food Pantry of Traverse City High School. The food pantry serves from 180-240 students who are often simultaneously attending school, employed and in transition (temporarily homeless). Traverse City High School serves a concentrated “at risk” population, where 70% lack fixed regular or adequate housing and 79% qualify for free or reduced lunch.

For the past decade, individual members of the GT Dems have contributed food items, clothing, gift cards and thousands of dollars to the pantry.

According to its volunteer founder and coordinator, Mary Preston, the Blue Tiger Project provides the “mainstay” of their food pantry program. She is very grateful that the Democrats support a project that is true to one of their primary missions. Mary, who also teaches at T.C.H.S., said, “The Democrats were there for this project from the start, before I even realized how much we needed community support. They have been steadfast in the belief that we should be looking out for people less fortunate than ourselves.”

Sue Brooke was the chair of the Blue Tiger Project until this year, when Gretchen Iorio and Donna Miller assumed the responsibility. Thank you to the members of the Democratic Party who have generously sustained this project for ten years, especially the Executive Board, whose members supply food and cash at each meeting.

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