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GT Dems Meet Dana Ferguson

Dems Meet Dana Alan Ferguson, Candidate for Congress

by Lori Brickman

Another newcomer is testing the waters for a 2018 run in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. Dana Alan Ferguson met with Grand Traverse Dems on May 21 at the MI Grill in Traverse City to introduce himself and talk about why he thinks it’s time for someone new to represent us in Washington.

Dane, as he prefers to be called, is from Negaunee near Marquette. He is a small business owner who earned his bachelor degree in Economics from Northern Michigan University. Married with five children, Dane admits he doesn’t like to make stump speeches or ask for money. But he believes “making a difference in politics” is too important to stay on the sidelines.

“I’m a regular guy and a carpenter who always puts family first and I won’t apologize for that,” Dane said. He spoke about his top 3 issues. On the economy, specifically income inequality, Dane sees taxpayers at a disadvantage subsidizing corporations like Walmart that pay low wages. “If we shop local instead, it helps small businesses and keeps the money in the community”, he said. Regarding the environment, “At some point we probably need to shut down line 5. But first we need a moratorium until it can be checked out” he advised. But Dane also admits “the role we as humans play in global climate change is real”.

Dane wants a “fluid” educational system that supports public schools but allows for private schools and maybe charter schools. Living in a rural community next to a college town has made Dane a Blue Dog democrat. He supports the sovereignty of states and is pro-gun rights although he doesn’t own one. Dana is one of three democratic candidates to date who are trying to unseat Republican Jack Bergman. He will face Matt Morgan D Traverse City and Dwight Brady also from the Upper Peninsula.

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