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Up North Pride Event at GT Dems Monthly Potluck

Report on Up North Pride Event at March GT Dems Monthly Potluck

There were lots of smiling, interested and YOUNG faces piling up outside of Little Fleet's door for the March monthly GT Dems Potluck. At least 100 people showed up to share the camaraderie, drinks and good food; AND to hear about the status of the LGBT community and learn what we, as allies and friends can do to support them.

Marta Turnbull gave a short presentation from Up North Pride, a grassroots organization of individuals who have actively and successfully engaged the TC community in LGBT issues. In Traverse City, the LGBT community is legally protected regarding gender identity, sexual orientation, employment and housing. Marta said that these were the earliest protections issued in our state because of the support and advocacy of concerned citizens.

Nationally, Trump has recently rescinded rules on 'Bathrooms for Transgender Students.’ At the local level, the LGBT community is actively seeking bathroom of choice protection. As Marta pointed out, “If you can't choose to use a bathroom in line with your gender identity, you are being denied one of your most basic human rights.”

Marta and Up North Pride asked everyone to please set aside the dates for 2017 Pride Week, June 21 – 25, a week of curated events to celebrate and promote the LGBT movement locally and nationally, grow community awareness and raise awareness of key LGBT issues. A call for volunteers and donations resulted in $805 being collected, plus $70 from Little Fleet for a total of $875. Twenty-six people signed up to volunteer, and three local organizations offered to partner and volunteer their groups for Pride Week. A button I picked up that evening captured the mood with a rainbow and the words "Pro Love." If you would like to contribute and/or volunteer for this cause, you can do so at

Submitted by,

Kay Keating,

Member GT Dems


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