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Your Weekly Michigan Legislative Report

Editors Note: Linda Pepper has taken on producing a regular legislative report for us. Watch this space for weekly reports. When special urgent action is required we may send an e-blast out, but here is what you need to know about the Michigan Legislative Agenda for the week. We thank Linda for her excellent work. - Harold Lassers Communications team Editor

Monday March 27, 2017

I monitor legislation in Michigan and to let the GT Dems know if something that needs quick action. There are also a few things that we might like to know about even though action is not needed or is too late.

Michigan Resistance is a group out of Ann Arbor that has a conference call with Michigan Democratic house and senate legislators every week. The legislators tell them what bills with which they need help gaining support from other legislators. Michigan Resistance then informs people and makes calls to appropriate legislators.

This week’s major concern is HB 4163. I am quoting from Michigan Resistance

Oppose State HB 4163:

This bill will place new limits on teachers' rights to negotiate contracts with their employers. This anti-labor bill would eliminate the ability for teachers to negotiate what the school calendar looks like. This is a way for schools to eliminate planning periods and force teachers to work unsustainable hours or days.

It appears to still be in committee (Education Reform). Calling the legislators on that committee is recommended.

Please call these State Representatives:

  1. State Representative Julie Alexander, Vice-Chair (Jackson): 517-373-1795

  2. State Representative Kathy Crawford (Novi): 517-373-0827

  3. State Representative Beth Griffin (Hartford): 517-373-0839

  4. State Representative Pamela Hornberger (New Baltimore): 517-373-8931

  5. State Representative Jeff Noble (Plymouth): 517-373-3816

  6. State Representative John Reilly (Auburn Hills): 517-373-1798

  7. State Representative Brett Roberts (Waterloo Township): 517-373-1775

Bills We Can Support:

Senate Bills 91 & 92: They repeal sales and use tax on feminine hygiene products. It currently reported out of committee. Nice idea as they are such necessities.

Senate Bill 223: has been passed to create a process for disclosing police firing to other agencies. It has lots of checks and balances but could prevent challenged officers from being passed around the state.

House Bill 4329: has passed and appropriates $100 million originally from the EPA and $20 million from state funds to help fix water pipes and has $1 million for Capitol improvements and $3 million for Macomb County sinkhole.

Senate Bills 240 & 241 and House Bills 4353 & 4354: will open Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association to the FOIA and OMA. These have been referred to the Insurance Committee.

House Bill 4365: has been introduced and referred to the Elections & Ethics Committee. It would deny state ballot access to US Presidential Candidates who keep tax returns private. It requires that they submit 5 years to the State Attorney General.

House Bill 4375: has been introduced and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources to create a new government drinking water bureau to investigate complaints about drinking water.

The following sources were used:

  • Michigan Votes from the Mackinac Center

  • Michigan Resistance

If anyone has any other suggestions of sources, please let me know.

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