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Winter Rally - It was a party too!

We’re all disheartened by the election. But the reaction locally by individual groups of Progressives has been huge. This year’s Winter Rally was a place for these groups to share some stories, and nibbles, and a cocktail; to lean on each other, and to feel part of a larger whole.

The Jazz combo led by Bill Sears, with Jack Dryden and Steve Stargardt, raised our spirits and brought us all to a better place.

We had three wonderful local speakers. They are activist neighbors, not professional politicians. Yet their stories were inspiring and energizing. The keynote speaker, Mark LaChey is the Chair of LGBT & Allies Caucus of Michigan Democratic Party, and newly elected 2nd Vice-Chair of MDP.

Check out Key Keating’s Blog entry for all the details on the speakers and their points.

We all filled the tables near the speaker’s dais. We applauded together, laughed together, got excited together. Members of TC Indivisibles, Progressive Pot Lucks, Woman2Woman and the many other folks who joined with us will pursue their goals just as before, but we should all feel part of a larger body with a unified sense of purpose.

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