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Michigan Senator Wayne Schmidt Town Hall

Michigan Senator Wayne Schmidt will hold a "Coffee" on Friday, Feb 24 at 11 am at the Loon's Nest, 115 E State St. in Fife Lake. Come prepared with a question to ask him in polite, respectful language. Thank him for coming, etc. Because the venue is so small (20-25 seating capacity), expect there to be standing room only spilling to the outdoors. Dress accordingly. Be careful not to block doorways or parking lot access. Avoid being caught up in arguments with supporters. The opposition does send in agitators hoping to start confrontations and even violence to make us look bad. Likewise, avoid unruly members of our side spoiling for a fight as well. And who might actually be on the other side. Finally, we encourage you to attend and stand firm on your right to ask questions and receive answers to your concerns.

Parking for the Schmidt Town Hall is on the street and a parking lot across from the marina down the street. Included are photos of the Loon's Nest. Best In Unity, Sylvia

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