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Message for Rep. Bergman Regarding Healthcare Remedy

In response to Rep. Jack Bergman’s forum in the Record Eagle regarding his desire to replace the ACA, Marcy Maller, Secretary for the Grand Traverse Democrats said that she realizes this legislation has serious flaws. “I suggest an easy change that will fix our healthcare problems. We already have two wonderful plans which do just that while providing great medical care - Medicare and Medicaid! Medicare administration costs pennies compared to the cost of private, for-profit medical insurance. Older Americans, like myself, love this plan. We also have the option of getting private insurance to cover gaps in coverage, but the basic plan is the best. I am incensed that many private insurance companies pay their top executives mega-bucks while they keep raising their premiums to people who can't afford them! That is what you get under for-profit health insurance plans. All we have to do to give Americans affordable healthcare is lower the eligibility age of Medicare from 65 to 0.” Healthcare Protester Bergman's Office, 2-17.

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