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Be a Voter!

By Chris Walter, Traverse City, Published in the RE, July 28, 2022

My maternal grandparents came to the United states in the early 1900’s from what is now Slovakia and Germany. Seeking better lives and opportunities, they worked hard, became U.S. citizens, contributed to the American economy and raised their family. They knew their citizenship brought responsibilities and rights. Their right and commitment to vote in every election was passed to my mother, and eventually to my brother and I.

So this year, when we all have so much on our minds - both locally and worldwide - I encourage you to focus on these issues as you make your candidate and issue ballot choices - the Values you cherish and that you can actually effect with your vote: Choice, Freedom, Fairness, Equality, Justice, Civility. These are all basic rights we have as U.S. citizens.

Gas prices WILL go down. The economy WILL improve. Instead, focus on our common values when you Vote in the August 2 Primary Election, in person or by absentee ballot. Do not sit this one out! Be a Voter!


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