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A Love Letter to America

America, I love you. For a 250-year-old girl you continue to come through. With this last election you rejected a would-be dictator and a sense of hope was renewed. You have had your problems along the way - slavery and Native American genocide to name a few - but you continue to learn and provide opportunities for the legions of native born and pilgrims who have come to our shores to know you.

Your treatment of the Black and Brown people continues to be less than it should be but millions of Black and Brown folks from around the world wish to come and be with you. Even with all of your problems few wish to leave you. Good for you that you have elected a Black person president or vice president in 3 of our last 4 presidential elections. Your path is at times frustrating and erratic but in the end, old girl, you seem to come through.

John Snow

This post is a slightly modified version of that which was published in The Traverse City Record Eagle on December 31, 2020.


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